Help us shape a new facility located at Erdington Baths.

Do you live or work in Erdington and the surrounding area?  Are you looking to start a new business or relocate your business to this area? If so we would like to hear from you.

This website has been set up to rethink the use of the Erdington Baths on Mason Road.  Here we will explain the project and create some opportunities for you to have a say. You can subscribe to our newsletter, take part in surveys that we publish here, or register to receive invitations to design reviews and consultations.

This website is managed by the team at Intervention Architecture on behalf of Witton Lodge Community Association, and we will respect your feedback to us and your privacy.

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Help us to understand your needs for this building.

We are starting this process by collecting views in two short surveys.

The first is for the local community of residents and interested stakeholders in the building's future use. The second survey is for prospective businesses who might want to use the centre.

If both apply to you, then please complete each one.

Business SurveyCommunity Survey

The Project Team

The following organisations are working on this project to bring new life to the building:

Register for our first "Meet the Team" zoom call here.